Residential Care

The Lentor Residence was built with the strong belief that our seniors should enjoy quality life to the fullest with gracious and healthy living inimizing ill health and retain maximum use of the physical and mental faculties, as sunset years of the elderly are really the golden years. These years should be lived with Dignity and Respect.

Our philosophy of living has guided our vision to build a residence for the seniors with professional care of medical, nursing, rehabilitation, nutrition and personal care that are available to them when they require it. Social and spiritual care serving to encourage and motivate the resident towards positive outlook every day and overall well-being.

At The Lentor Residence, we endeavour to meet all needs with a comprehensive suites of services to ensure the continuum of care for our seniors.

Our comprehensive suite of services include:
  • Residential Care
  • Day Care Activities
  • Private Nursing Services
  • Home Care Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Care-giver Training
  • Rehabilitation Care
  • Respite Care
  • Transitional Hospice Care